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It is really difficult to express how special your staff are.

You should feel proud of their dedication & care to all the residents.

Mrs. Reid, Resident's family

    Younger People with Dementia

    ypwd It is the aim of all at Barons Park to provide a service which offers comprehensive and importantly relevant high quality nursing care.
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    employment Whether you are an experienced nurse, carer or have yet to work within a nursing environment, give us a call or get in touch.
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    "Just to say that nowhere is 100% for your loved ones, not even their home environment, but Barons Park is as near as 100% as you can get..."
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Barons Park Care is a 24 hour service provider. To operate as such, we require a constant level of staff.

Caring for those with forms of advanced dementia, requires professional input from both nurses and carers. In order to maintain this cover on a full time basis, we employ a constant number of staff of approximately 80 people.

All grades of staff, ranging from the Proprietors, through to the Maintenance personnel play an active part in the daily running of the home. Everyday there is always at least one of the Senior Managers on site (The Proprietors, Nurse Manager, Deputy Nurse Manager, Clinical Nurse Specialist or General Manager).

In ensuring senior Management are always on site, not only does it enable the service to operate to a consistently high standard, but it also enables support and appropriate advice/information to be readily available to both staff and relations. What's more, new visitors to the home can always be dealt with professionally, and given the correct information with regard to viewing, thus their journey is never wasted.

In offering a service of continuity, it is worth pointing out that many staff employed, have been with us for several years. The continuing employment of these staff is of great importance to us. These long standing members of staff, understand the values, principles and standards on which our service has been built, and is based. Their experience, guidance and knowledge is readily passed on to new staff, enabling our long standing philosophy of care to continue to be practiced.

We actively strive for an environment that is homely and familiar to our residents. On the back of this, many of our staff, live in the surrounding villages of the home, enabling close ties to remain with our neighbours. These relationships are strengthened further by our tendencies to employ local tradesman to carry out any required work.

The efforts of all of those that work or who are associated with Barons Park, is always greatly appreciated. Through working with the local community and staff, we look forward to a continuing and promising future.