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It is really difficult to express how special your staff are.

You should feel proud of their dedication & care to all the residents.

Mrs. Reid, Resident's family

    Younger People with Dementia

    ypwd It is the aim of all at Barons Park to provide a service which offers comprehensive and importantly relevant high quality nursing care.
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    employment Whether you are an experienced nurse, carer or have yet to work within a nursing environment, give us a call or get in touch.
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    "Just to say that nowhere is 100% for your loved ones, not even their home environment, but Barons Park is as near as 100% as you can get..."
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Our services

Barons Park offers three main elements of care:

Nursing Home

This part of our service provision gives care to the elderly with advanced forms of Dementias, challenging behaviours and complex health care needs. All those who reside in the nursing home are aged over 65 and in need of long term nursing care. We nurse 32 people. Whilst mental health care requirements would be the main presenting need, we are able to nurse people who exhibit many physical conditions as well. Staff in our nursing home have the training to care for a diverse range of needs. Behaviours and conditions which are associated with dementias and to many people are also irrational, unpredictable and unsocial are managed through a variety of techniques, but all involve our staff giving time, attention and understanding to the individual.

The Lakes

Opened in 2007, The Lakes has been designed and subsequently built after a period of extensive research. Building on our existing knowledge of nursing the elderly, our research included consultation and discussion with a number of specialist dementia groups. This has ensured that the facility we created is one which is truly reflective and inclusive of the needs for those of whom we care. The Lakes provides long term nursing care for younger people (aged 40 - 64) with advanced and highly dependant forms of dementias. The Lakes has a nursing provision for 12 people. As a specialist unit, the facilities for our younger adults are all self contained. This is an independent facility. Any person, prior to an admission, would be assessed to ensure that we could meet all mental and physical health requirements. We are however confident that most care needs will always be met, indeed we are readily able to accept people referred under a section or who for example may require extensive one to one care.


Also opened in 2007, Connexions offers day support and care. Open 7 days a week, people are able to come to our facility to meet, socialise and interact with others and ultimately enjoy themselves. A large part of the day is structured through planned activities and events. We can support those who are more dependant through our aims to maintain independence, enhanced through our planned structure and routine. Dedicated staff are always on hand to assist with matters that arise. Transport to and from Connexions can also be arranged.

Respite Care

Dependant upon availability we are also able to offer respite care, ranging from single night to three week stays. Our respite provision is booked simply on a first come basis. Assessments will take place prior to any respite admission. Enquiries for respite should be made through our main contact streams.