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It is really difficult to express how special your staff are.

You should feel proud of their dedication & care to all the residents.

Mrs. Reid, Resident's family

    Younger People with Dementia

    ypwd It is the aim of all at Barons Park to provide a service which offers comprehensive and importantly relevant high quality nursing care.
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    employment Whether you are an experienced nurse, carer or have yet to work within a nursing environment, give us a call or get in touch.
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    "Just to say that nowhere is 100% for your loved ones, not even their home environment, but Barons Park is as near as 100% as you can get..."
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Mission statement

It is the aim of all at Barons Park to provide a service which offers comprehensive, and importantly relevant high quality nursing care. In order to do such, we will, at all times, work closely with Consultants, Social Workers, CPN’s, GP’s and other professionals, as well as relatives and through our own established nursing means, in order to deliver care which meets the needs of every individual service user and to create a care setting which is able to adapt in-line with changes of each individual.

We will work to deliver nursing care that reflects and respects the individual wishes and beliefs of the service users and their immediate families.

We will provide a nursing service that is totally transparent. We encourage input and involvement from all parties, on any issue which they believe is essential to the care of their associate.

We will provide care in a family, friendly environment that is conducive to meeting the needs of service users.

We will at all times, operate with the best interests and beliefs of each service user at the forefront of our actions, yet in an environment which also promotes the professional qualities and knowledge of our care team and GP.

We aim to, as far as reasonably practicable and realistic, promote the rights, independence, wishes and values of each service user. We will do so by encouraging, assisting and stimulating individuals where necessary, but by also using any adaptations or equipment that will enable service users to fulfil as many daily activities and functions as can be expected.

In delivering high quality care, we will do so with consideration to our obligations under the Care Standards Act 2000, the Quality Care Commission Inspectorate and the legal requirements of the UKCC, General Social Care Council and that of UK law.